Deeply touched by your work and journey.
Your strength despite all your struggles is inspirational, I love reading your work!
Absolutely beautiful!!
You are such a creative, inspirational person. Your honesty about your health enables others to be healthy about their own pain.
You are so right that love is often expressed in small gestures.
So romantic!
made my heart burst wide open

Essay - Beatitudes, in Souvenir, Fall issue, December 2017

Essay - Mail Call, in Crux Magazine, Issue 1, December 2017 (print only/digital purchase)

This gave me goosebumps!

Poem - Prey, in Wolf Warriors 4: Wolves of Light and Darkness, November 2017 (print only charity anthology)

Poem - View from the root cellar, in Turtle Island Quarterly, Issue 13, November 2017

A thousand hearty AMENs to this article. And thank you for writing it. ❤️
Such good and creativity emanating from your suffering.
Absolutely beautiful.”
”Sing it, shout it Sister.”
”I don’t even have words. Just sweet salty tears.
Love this!
A powerful poem, Sarah. We are crying with you.

Poem - Evisceration, in Sapphix Magazine, Issue 1, Summer 2017

Poem - On Being Childless, in The Fem Literary Magazine, June 2017 (journal is defunct)

Mind blown!
I love the fire in this!
loved this
just wow
Wow, Sarah. . . there are so many of us who [are] not able to put words to it — but then, you do, for all of us. Thank you.
Holy shit, that was amazing. . . I continue to be in awe of your bravery and eloquence.
The way you weave words together touches the soul

Poem - Loved Be, in descant, Volume 55 (print only journal)

Beautifully written and so moving.
You are brave, strong & tenacious!
your work is so strong, touching, and beautiful
So incredible! We are so proud of you and your spirit!
I hope you find as much inspiration in her words as I did when she faced adversity and with the help of her wife and her caregivers, came out stronger on the other side.

Poem - a new found land, in Rabbit, Issue 19 (print only journal)

I want to hang this in my office.

Creative nonfiction - Voicemail, in Bacopa, Volume 7 (print only journal)

another fine, bold piece. . .
Check out The Phoenix Soul, a monthly indie publication about life, healing, truth, grace, grit, wisdom, and more. I love it!

Check out The Phoenix Soul, a monthly indie publication about life, healing, truth, grace, grit, wisdom, and more. I love it!

Poem - The Learned, in The Phoenix Soul, September 2015 (subscription only)

A very powerful message
Sarah Bigham is a mystery. A wonderful writer in both prose and poetry, but damnit she’s a mystery.
— Justin Hilliard, Editor, The Chaotic Review

Creative Nonfiction - Invisible Destruction, in Dulcet Quarterly, August 2016 (journal is now defunct)

Brilliantly written
Sarah, this is beautiful, exultant, touching . . .

Poem - Of Creativity Lost and Found, in Dying Dahlia Review, June 2016

Poem - uh-nee-mee-uh, in Snapdragon: Journal of Arts and Healing, June 2016 (subscription only)

Beautiful story. Thank you for the gift of it!
I loved this essay.
Sarah, your essay—both in content and style—is amazing. After reading it, I looked at my life and wondered what, if anything, I have done to help others. . . If only everyone followed your beautiful, brave example . . . !
Thank you, Sarah, for your pain and risk.
Powerful, terrifying, and heartbreaking.
. . .such a wonderful writing style. . .
This piece is both beauty and truth. Gorgeous❤️
“...You echo the frustration of every person with illness and chronic pain.”
Made me think. Made me dwell. Language!
Taking my breath away.

*All quotes on this page taken from website responses to Sarah's posts, writing, etc.