Living with chronic pain, Sarah Bigham channels her medical experiences into art. Her image “Dreaming of Cinnamon” is almost ethereal, conveying a delicacy and peace achieved through her soft palette and clean composition, perhaps reflecting the inner peace she strives to reach in the midst of her medical challenges.
— Unionville Art Gala - Facebook page
Thank you Sarah for your generous contributions, your beautiful artwork, and for being a wonderful example of how IC patients can THRIVE, not simply survive, with this condition.
The paintings are abstract, beautiful and evocative
It’s been a dark, harrowing road for artist Sarah Bigham, who is now leading those who dare along a visual journey through her chronic pain.
Chronic pain and IC warrior Sarah Bigham has turned her experience as a patient into an artwork series. . . Thank you, Sarah for your beautiful work and support!
a unique exhibit in which a medical journey is chronicled through works of art
This is a beautiful series of paintings in its own right, but also a very compelling, unique way to express a patient’s journey through suffering to healing.
The use of color washes amidst the stronger paint strokes contain her journey’s narrative. Sarah’s expressive strokes of color convey her emotions, powerful, and also uplifting.
The resulting blend of muted colors conveys Sarah’s beautifully personal journey through chronic pain.
The chronic pain she can’t escape is now smeared, streaked and splattered across canvases that fellow patients and visitors can’t ignore.